makes music
Tractatus Natura is a series of works, both practical and theoretical, addressing what it means to be natural when doing music. It relates the human body, plants and interfaces.


For live electroacoustic music, flute and double bass.
Premiered and commissioned by Vertixe Sonora

Velhas Novas Tecnologias is a series of sound installations merging old and new technologies. Each one is focused on a specific subject related to the use and impact of digital technologies within our society.

For old rotary telephone, arduino and laptop.
Variações sobre Espaço is a series of studies/compositions about composing music in contexts where several reverberation times coexist. Wallace is a digital application I developed in MaxMSP, which takes incoming sound and makes it "travel" through multiple speakers. Each speaker is assigned to a different reverberation character (IR) but it can be changed in real time. The path and the speed used to make the sound "travel", the sound gesture, the pitch and the tempo are some of the variables to structure a composition.

For live electroacoustic music and flute
Commissioned by João Vidinha
Published by Scherzo Editions

Acousmatic music
Premiered at Teatro Constantino Nery, Matosinhos

For live electroacoustic music, flute, clarinet, piano, violin and violoncello
Commissioned by Sond'Art-Te Electric Ensemble
Premiered during at the IV Fórum for Young Composers, hosted in Teatro Municipal de Vila do Conde, Vila do Conde

For live electronic music and soprano saxophone
Premiered at Casa da Música, Porto

Do Desenho e do Som is a series of works featuring an original software to generate graphical scores in real time. These compositions rely on the interpretation of a graphical score generated in real time and live electronics. The most interesting feature about working with screen-scores is the possibility to 'compose' music in real time with some amount of control on the overall sonic outcome, to induce musical gestures, to control sound densities and to interact with performers

For euphonium, vibraphone, tape and Do Desenho e Do Som software
Premiered at Alcobaça
Commissioned by Inês Luzio
for small ensemble, live electroacoustic music, Do Desenho e Do Som software
Premiered at Auditório Vianna da Mota
For harp, live electroacoustic music, Do Desenho e Do Som software
Premiered and awarded (European Prize ECPNM for live electronic music) at Gaudeamus Festival, Utrecht

For clarinet, live Electronics and Do Desenho e Do Som software
Premiered at ESMAE, Porto

My compositions for instruments, ensembles, cinema, theatre and dance

"ECO" is a performance that seeks to highlight non-aparent and non-casual beauty using music, sound, body, voice and the surrounding space
Premiered at Gaia
By Teatro do Frio
Lusco-Fusco is a performance/theatre
By Circular Associação Cultural
Cimbalino is a short-movie based on a music composition
By Take It Easy
No one will be admitted at the theatre after the beginning of MACABRE
Premiered at Cinanima, Espinho
By Easylab Studios
An installation based on the sounds of Fundão
Premiered at Casa da Música
Commissioned by Sonoscopia Associação Cultural
"Concert for stars" is a musical performance specially conceived for places with little sound and light pollution
Premiered at Crasto do Palheiro, Murça
By Teatro do Frio
Viriato is a composition for jazz ensemble and it was comissioned by Porta-Jazz.
Premiered at Edifício AXA
Commisioned by Porta-Jazz
Trapped inside the Space Freighter/Refinery DÉDALO, SIENA tries to survive an infestation of DIABOLIC CREATURES
Premiered at MotelX Festival
Commissioned by Easylab
An installation based on Satie's Vexations
Premiered and commissioned by Casa da Música